Frequently Asked Questions -  See for Virtual event information


What time is the start on April 24, 2016?
The event starts at 7:00 for kids and 8:00 AM for adults. Waves will be held every 5 minutes for adult race, with only the FIRST WAVE participants eligible for the TOP 3 Overall awards for female and male. All kids must be off of the course by the time the adult race begins. 

When should I arrive?
Be sure to arrive about 50 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. This year, timing devices will be on your bib, so no need to stand in another line for shoe devices.  Parking volunteers will be on hand to help you get your car parked. Carpooling saves time, energy, and space and is encouraged and appreciated.



From I95 N or S – Exit at Southern Blvd, proceed Eastbound.  Make a Right onto Parker Ave.  Make a Right onto Summit Blvd.  At the light by the Zoo, make a LEFT into Dreher Park.


What are the waves?
Waves begin at 8:00 AM for the adult race for ages 14 and up and will be held every 5 minutes for a maximum of 55 participants per wave. We ask that only those elite athletes wishing to competitively race for the Top 3 overall awards sign-up for the FIRST wave.
The kids' 2- mile obstacle race for kids ages 6 - 13 will begin at 7 AM.  Waves may be added depending on the numbers of participants registered.

How do waves affect the scores for the winners of the awards?
First Wave: Elite runners looking to take home one of the Top 3 Overall awards will run in this first wave. For the age group awards, ALL of the waves will be considered for the best times.  It is important that you run in your scheduled wave time if you are competing for an age group award. Age group awards will be calculated only once ALL waves have been COMPLETED. Interim reports on age group winners will be posted but can easily change each consecutive wave is completed.


Can kids compete with adult waves?
Only kids ages 14 and up can compete in the adult waves for the 4-mile race. We cannot have anyone younger than 14 on the course due to liability issues. Your kid's birth date determines if they qualify as age 14. Kids ages 6 - 13 should register for the 2-mile race.

Can adults run with their kids during the kid’s race?
Adults can run ALONGSIDE their kid during the kid’s race, however ADULTS CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THE OBSTACLES. Volunteers will be on hand to assist the kids complete the obstacles so we ask that the adults cheer them on but do not enter the obstacle area.

What can my kids do while I am racing?
We insist that ALL children have adult supervision at all times.  If you are competing – please bring someone to look after your kids until you finish your event.


Can I just drop off my kids if they are competing?
You must be on-site at the park at all times while your kids are present at the event.


Will the course be difficult for the kids or some adults who are not used to such physical activities?
Our goal is to create obstacles that are challenging yet attainable for all participants.  If you cannot or do not want to complete an obstacle, you have the option to do an alternate exercise like bur-pees, push-ups or jumping jacks. Our course volunteers will instruct you on what to complete instead of the obstacle. BUT, to be fair,  if you want to compete for an award, please complete the obstacle.


Our volunteers also have the authority to stop anyone who looks like they may endanger themselves or others.  You will be told to stop the activity and perform one of the alternate exercises. If you do not follow instructions, the volunteer has the authority to pull you from the course.

Do you get a medal after the race?
YES! All finishers will receive a medal.

Do you get a shirt?
YES! Shirts will be provided to the first 1000 participants. Register EARLY. We will make every effort to hand out shirts based on the date of registration to ensure your size selection. 

Are there any discounts?
Yes, register using a code from a postcard or other communication to get a discount. Or register as a regular group team of 5 or more.  Or as a Sponsor Team competing for the RRC Corporate Cup.  Individual registration on race day for the 4-mile race increases to $75 (cash only, ages 14 and up) and for the 2-mile race to $40 (cash only, ages 6 - 13). There will be no team/group registration or changes on race day.

When does registration close?
Online registration closes for groups/teams April 15, 2016. Online individual registration closes on April 19, 2016. This allows for the additional processing needed for the waves and the actual building of the course that takes staff and volunteers away from the registration process.

Day of event registration is open from 6:00 – 7:45 am. You will be assigned a wave, based on the number of slots still open in a wave. Officially-timed waves may not be available on race day.

How many runners are needed for a Sponsor Team to compete for the RRC Corporate Cup?  

Register teams from your company and qualify for Corporate Sponsorship benefits. Register 5 to 25 people ages 18 and up for your team. Challenge other companies or departments to see who will run the best times and win the Custom-made cup! Have more than 25 people interested?  Form two teams and challenge each other! Scores for Corp Cup are calculated based on teams of 5 – 25 members, and the lowest combined score wins.
Click Here for more information on benefits of registration sponsorship.


Can you have the same name for two teams?
Yes, just add a number to your team name (i.e. Joe’s Crossfit Team 1, Joe’s Crossfit Team 2). That way you are still recognized as representing your organization, and we can trace the two teams. They will be considered separate teams for the purpose of calculating the winning team.

What is the scoring for Teams?
Top 5 fastest finishing times on your team will count towards the team title.

Where will I park?
Enter from Summit Blvd. Parking is on the south side of Dreher Park at 1301 Summit Blvd.  (There will be no entry from Southern Blvd.) We will have police directing traffic into the south side of Dreher Park.  Please recognize there will be a lot of cars, so carpool where possible. Overflow parking, if needed,  will be in the north side of the park, beyond the Palm Beach Zoo.


What time should I arrive?
We recommend that all participants be at the race at least 50 minutes prior to your wave start time. This year your starting device will be attached to your bib, so you won't need to wait in another line for your timing device.  Be sure to attach your bib securely to your clothing if you are concerned with your finishing time. 

Volunteers should arrive at 5:30 AM to find parking and make their way to the main pavilion in the South side of the park for your volunteer assignment.

Which way does the course go?
The course will start and finish on the south side of the park. The rest has yet to be designed!

What are the Awards?
For the 4-mile race: The Top 3 overall custom awards will go to females and males competing in the FIRST WAVE ONLY.

For the 4-mile race: Individual age categories will have awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for ages 14-16, 17-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50+  Scoring will take place when ALL timed waves have been completed.

For the 2-mile race: Top 1,2,3 in age groups: 6-9; 10-13.


Does everyone have to sign a waiver?
Yes. Ages 18+ must sign their own waiver.  A Parent must sign a kid's waiver, ages 6 to 17.


What happens if it rains?
We get wet and muddy.  We are “on” rain or shine.  The entry fee is non-refundable, even if the race is cancelled for any reason, such as dangerous lightning conditions. The event is a fundraiser for Girls on the Run Palm Beach.  Watch a video about Girls on the Run. We appreciate your support!


How can I make an additional donation?

Donate online to GOTR here. Thank you!


I saw some extra online discounts, or solicitations for membership fees, or 30-day trials. What's that about?
These offers come directly from, not our registration process. Please contact Active with questions.