RRC Virtual event is anywhere and everywhere.  No volunteers needed for the virtual event at this time.

Get Involved

We need YOUR help!


Ever wondered what it takes to put on a racing event for a 1000 runners? What about for a four mile obstacle run?

If so, we need your help. We need help setting up and managing our 5th annual Rugged Runner Challenge, still Palm Beach County’s only obstacle-style racing event. There are countless volunteer opportunities available and we’re looking for volunteers that are dedicated and responsible -- people just like you! And don’t worry, we’ll bring the food.


CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER (for our on-ground event next time -- date TBD)


Volunteers must be over the age of 15* and must be able to sign up for shifts for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday.


Friday (April 22)
* Shifts run between 12:00pm through 6:00pm
* Moving obstacles from storage to race site to actual obstacle location
* Keeping track of materials needed to begin build
* Possibility that may begin to put together the obstacles

Ability to lift materials desired. Construction ability appreciated but not necessary for some of the build. Construction experience necessary for some obstacles. Be sure to protect your skin -- wear hats and sunscreen!


Saturday (April 23)
* Shifts run between 8:00am through 7:00pm
* Building and constructing obstacles
* Mark the entire 4-mile adult obstacle course with stakes, flags, signs, etc.
* Mark the entire 2-mile kids obstacle course with stakes, flags, signs, etc.

* Mark the entire 3.-mile fun run course with stakes, flags, signs, etc.
* Begin general set-up for registration area

* Complete packets, if needed

* Other jobs as needed


Ability to walk/stand for extended periods of time necessary. Building skills desired. Be sure to protect your skin -- wear hats and sunscreen!


Sunday (April 24) DAY OF THE EVENT
* 2 Shifts: (set-up/work event) 5:00am through 12:00pm & (clean-up/dismantle) 12:00pm through 5:00pm
* Monitor registration tables, bag-check area, food area, water stations, etc.
* Help with vendor placements and set-up
* Stationed at each obstacle (2 volunteers per obstacle)
* Bicycle “start” to keep the first runners along the course
* Bicycle “end” to mark the last of the runners to cross the finish line
* Help clean up after race
* Move tires, dis-assemble the obstacles, load trucks, etc – heavy lifting required.

Lots of help needed! Be sure to protect your skin -- wear hats and sunscreen!


Monday (April 25)
* Shifts run between 10:00am through 1:00pm
* Finish up any cleaning from Sunday’s race
* Ensuring park is able to go back to “normal”


Click here to sign up! Hope to see you there!


*Any High School student(s) willing to volunteer must show up with an adult. No more than 10 students per adult.

***Community Service hours can be awarded to those interested.***