The Obstacles

The Event

· A 4-mile obstacle race including 20+ obstacles for ages 14 and up

· For Kids:  2 mile course ages 6 - 13

· Register as an individual or as a team on

· All proceeds benefit the non profit Girls on the Run Palm Beach

Obstacle 10 and 18 - Blind Crawl

From the intellectual property patent pending mind of Greg McCampbell we present obstacle 10 and 18.


Enter the cave!

This next obstacle, a new component to this year's course, isn't for the claustrophobic!

Racers will enter the 20-foot long canvas cave on foot, but need to exit on hands and knees as they make their way through obstacle #10 and #18.

They say don't go toward the light, but that's the only way out of the Blind Crawl...and the second time through, racers may come out with a few pocketfuls of sand to shake from their shorts...