The Obstacles

The Event

· An obstacle race including 20+ obstacles for ages 14 and up


· For Kids: All kids 2 mile course for ages 6 - 13

· Register as an individual or as a team on

· All proceeds benefit the non profit Girls on the Run

Obstacle 19 - 45 Degree Ramp

Piece of cake...... yeah really....

This obstacle may seem like a piece of cake to conquer, but by the time racers hit obstacle #19, they'll be singing a different tune.

After scouring walls, leaping over barricades and climbing cargo nets, the second-to-last obstacle on course is the final challenge that stands in their path before taking the final plunge down our signature 130' Slip 'N' Slide to the finish line.

The ramp will test the racers' leg strength and their guts as the only way down is to take a flying leap!