The Obstacles

The Event

· An obstacle race including 20+ obstacles or ages 14 and up


· For Kids: All kids 2 mile course for ages 6 - 13

· Register as an individual or as a team on

· All proceeds benefit the non profit Girls on the Run

Obstacle 7 - Water Crossing

Oops …  forgot to mention you're going to get wet!

Don't plan on wearing anything you want to keep clean because you're going to get wet...really wet...twice.

This is no time to worry about what lurks in the murky depths below, just get through as quick as you can, one false step and you'll be sleeping with the fishes!

We liked it so much we decided to make the racers cross it again .. by the time the first couple of waves have gone through all of the gators and water moccasins should be long gone...we think anyways...